Local rochester flower arrangement

Behind the Scenes: Late Spring Floral Arrangement

Let's take a tour of one of our arrangements and reflect on how each beautiful bloom came to be here! With the state of our current industry - floral and supply shortages - we are finding ourselves extra grateful and amazed to work with such excellent products. 

In this arrangement, bright stems of ranunculus and anemones were farmed right here in Brockport. A freight trucking line brought fresh greens from North Carolina. Weekly, we receive shipments of flowers from our Canadian wholesalers - they have been providing us consistent flowers all pandemic long. Our peonies are now locally grown. Previously, our peonies have been hailing from Morocco and Israel! Our favorite clematis and delphinium varieties come from the premier flower farms in Holland - the Dutch floral chain offers some of the most luxurious options. Our roses are shipped in from Ecuador and this element is so critical to our daily success. We have been extra grateful for the workers in Central and South America who have been dealing with a stressful political and economic climate, as well as the increasingly difficult farming climates. Our glassware has been imported and made it through several supply chain delays and shortages. 

So much happens to a single stem as it is harvested on the farm, kept cold and cared for until it makes its way to our shop. Our job is so fun as we choose from a beautiful selection of flowers and foliage in the cooler to create a unique arrangement for our customers. It's truly magical to think of how each component has come together to create beauty.

As we move into the summer, our local and American-grown products will expand. Stay tuned for a follow-up feature where we brag about more of our gorgeous flowers!